More than just ramen…

Ukkokei Ramen Ron is JodiesDaddy’s and my favorite ramen place.  Whenever, we want a ramen fix, this is the first restaurant that comes to mind.  Besides the fact that their ramen is very delicious, it also remains hot throughout the meal (or do we just eat fast!? haha)

My personal favorite is their Miso Ramen, but I like their Shoyu Ramen as well.

Over the weekend, I brought my sister to try it out.  But since I just had ramen a few days earlier, I opted to try their Curry Rice… and I also wasn’t disappointed!!

Now, I have another reason to go back to Ukkokei Ramen Ron! Oh, their gyoza is yummy too!

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  1. ula, we’ve never been to ukkokei because its not as accessible as the ramen bar and we find the ramen there really good. have you tried the ramen bar in eastwood? i was wondering if they’re about the same.

    1. ulacakes says:

      Hi Mitzi! I’ve been to Ramen Bar BUT Have not tried the Ramen haha I think I ate whatever chicken dish my daughter was eating 🙂 but I did see that some of the ramen there had butter, right? I should try it there. I like the flavor of Ukkoke’s ramen… I read somewhere that “ukkokei” is actually a kind of ramen or way of how ramen is cooked (???) Not too sure… Haven’t really researched on it pa :). But you should try it! Btw, sometimes they’re closed on Sundays.

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