Tomorrow is Three Kings.  Another reason to celebrate or rather, another excuse to celebrate haha.  JodiesDaddy and I celebrated this time at Highlands Steakhouse in Mall of Asia.  

My dad and his bestfriend, Tito Danding always raved about this restaurant.  A friend of JodiesDaddy highly recommended it.  It’s a good thing we remembered Highlands when we were thinking of a good steak place to eat at.  Our other choices were I am Angus, Mamou and Batangus Grill (catchy name huh?! A local steakhouse in our neighborhood – we still have not eaten here, but its in our “where to eat” list).

I ordered the 10oz Jesse James rib-eye steak (I found the 10oz a little to big for me.  Next time, I think I will just take the 7oz).  Cooked medium.  Served with french fries.  I cut out the fat and had it fried some more, until it was in a charred state.  

The ambiance of Highlands was very country western.  Log cabin type interiors with a singer belting out classic country tunes by John Wayne.  JodiesDaddy and I really enjoyed our dinner.  We are hoping that we can go back there soon!

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