One of my good friends was coming over from Dubai for a very quick visit.  She asked me to set up a get together/mini-reunion with our ex-Saudia colleagues.  She didn’t really care where we would eat.. but her only condition was that it should have PORK! hahaha

Dubai has its own share of Filipino food, but my friend misses good old Filipino pork dishes.  After discussing with the rest of the group, we decided Kanin Club (Kanin = Rice) would do the trick and satisfy her craving… so did it?!?!


Sinangag na Sinigang.  This is my FAVORITE!!  I can eat the rice alone and be happy.  It already had a sinigang flavor despite it being dry (i.e. with no sinigang broth), which was perfect! It was topped with crispy kangkong and thin slices of PORK belly


Crispy Liempo (PORK belly).  It was thinly sliced belly strips, which reminded me so much of bacon (minus the salty bacon flavor)

Crispy Dinuguaan. I’ve never eaten dinuguaan before, and I still didn’t want to try it even if it is a best seller at Kanin Club.  Dinuguaan’s main ingredients are pig’s blood and pig’s innards (not my cup of tea).


Crispy Pork Binagoongan – it wasn’t too salty and the bagoong was not overpowering.

Fully Loaded Fried Rice – this my least favorite among all dishes.  Nothing special, but it still did have PORK in it ;D

So yes, I think our friend left full and satisfied after eating so much pork! Us, her friends, on the other hand, left with higher cholesterol levels hahaha

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