A good friend of ours had his birthday a few weeks back. To celebrate, the B’s organized an intimate (my kind of party since I don’t like big gatherings, where my shyness is interpreted as anti-social) get together at their very beautiful residence. The theme: SPAIN!

What we drank: Spanish Red wine and Sangria (sorry, no pictures of this). I had 2 glasses of the red and lost count of the number of glasses of Sangria I had. Mr. B made the sangria from scratch and it was PERFECT!!! I liked that it did not taste too alcohol-y, but still had a kick (in fact, I already felt the “kick” after just one glass – which explains the quality of my pictures hehehe)

What we ate: Tapas! Mrs. B whipped a wide assortment. From marinated cheese to olives in a bowl of lime juice. From chicken skewers to these wonderful shrimp/anchovy canapes (MY FAVORITE!) She even had a little DIY canape station where she laid out pieces of bread, jamon serrano, spanish chorizo, pimiento strips, a fresh tomato sauce, sardines, anchovies – heavenly!

This is my kind of party — where I leave drunk enough (somewhere in between being tipsy and being in a drunken stupor), with a full stomach and anticipating the next hosting of the B’s! Thank you B’s!! 🙂

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