While JodiesDaddy and I were driving along Makati Avenue, we noticed a new shabu-shabu/hotpot/steamboat restaurant at A.Venue (we’ve never been to A.Venue, so I don’t know how new it is.. but it was the first time we saw it), Typhoon Shabu-Shabu.  Since JodiesDaddy’s ultimate favorite kind of food is shabu-shabu/hotpot/steamboat, we just had to go there.  And that’s what we did that same evening.

What sets Typhoon Shabu-Shabu apart from others was the variety of soup broths.  There were more than 10 soup broths to choose from.  And it is the soup broth that somewhat dictated the price of the meal (it comes with a vegetable plate and beef – shown above).  It was quite pricey, the cheapest soup base being more than PHP600.00 – and that was already the discounted price!  

Little did we know that we could have just shared one order (the server told us one order was only good for one – hrmph).  

We got the sate base – which we both did NOT like.  It was too thick.  

Apart from the soup, was this experience something different for us?  Hmmmm not really.  But will we go back? Yes.  JodiesDaddy is already planning what to order when we visit next time haha

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