Fathers Day Celebration (Part 1) – BEEF OVERLOAD!

JodiesDaddy and I decided to celebrate Fathers Day one day early. We had not made any prior reservations for THE day and naturally assumed that all places on THE day will be full without any.

JodiesDaddy’s choice of meal was steak (shocking as it was not Shabu-Shabu haha), and we decided to try out Chops Chicago Style Steakhouse in Greenbelt 5.

We shared: Grilled Bone Marrow served with crostinis. This was the first time I ate bone marrow this way (I usually just have it mixed into the broth of bulalo), and I absolutely LOVED it! The jelly-like marrow spread on the buttered pieces of bread, is sinful yet heavenly… **drool**

JodiesDaddy had: 14oz of rib eye, with a side of cardiac rice (rice cooked in bacon fat with bacon bits).  The steak was on the sweet side.. It had a BBQ rub on it. JodiesDaddy still enjoyed it, even if he would have preferred his steak seasoned with just salt and pepper.  

JodiesMommy had: a burger with blue cheese, topped with bacon and a heaping side of fries and onion rings (hidden beneath).  The complete dish was supposed to be served with a sunny-side up.  I had mine removed and replaced it with more fries 🙂  I asked for a medium-well burger — but it came out more like medium rare.  I am not fond of medium rare BURGERS (steak cooked that way, I like.  But not burgers).  I was too hungry so I still finished it though haha 

Overall, it was a good and satisfying meal.  And we both wouldn’t mind eating at Chops again ;D

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