Fathers Day Celebration part 2 – Phat Wong

On our way to church on Fathers Day, JodiesDaddy and I passed by Phat Wong along Reposo.  It was recommended to us a few months back by my boss and had never gotten around to eating here.  So we decided to try our luck to have dinner there for Fathers Day.  And we were in luck!  The place was not full at all.

We opted for the sharing menu, which was a complete meal and sampled a little bit of everything.

APPETIZERS: Phad Thai salad and Longganisa (Filipino pork sausages) skewers.  Soup was also served.  

MAIN DISHES: Salmon, Shrimp, Beef, Chicken Curry and squid all cooked in an Asian way.  It was served with 1 cup each of Jasmine rice

DESSERT: a sherbet served with melon, and peanut brittle and a dulce leche spring roll

Sorry, I can’t really give all the details on each of the dishes.  But can I just say, all were really good!  

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