JodiesDaddy and I have been wanting to eat at Cue Modern Barbeque in BHS Central. But everytime we decide to eat there, it’s always full. So when JodiesDaddys friend invited us last minute for lunch there (she was able to make last minute reservations – it was a rainy Sunday so not too many people in that area that day) we were both very excited.

We had:

Bone Marrow and Steak Tacos which was served roasted Corn salsa, flour tortillas, sweet and spicy salsa verde.  

I noticed that quite a number of restaurants have been serving bone marrow.  This was good, but I prefer the one we had from Chops last Fathers day.

A Skillet of Home-Style Mac and Cheese which featured yellow cheddars, aged gruyere, mozarella, bacon and tomato.  Hmmm for me, nothing really extra ordinary with this dish.

and a full slab of the Baby Back Ribs – we chose the wet rub.  I really enjoyed this.  I liked that the meat was so tender and that it was not smothered with BBQ sauce.

Our sides for the ribs were onion rings, sweet potato fries and spicy baked monggo (mung beans).

I’m glad I finally ate at Cue… Next to try in that area will be Stella (and Rocket room) and Nolita 🙂

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