I finally ate at Yabu in Megamall a few weeks back.  Everyone I know who has eaten there, raves about how good it is.  I always thought what could be so special with a piece of fried pork (Tonkatsu)?!  I mean, I LOVE fried food, but how can you make this something different, right?

JodiesDaddy and I shared the Kurobuta Pork Set and a Mixed Tempura set (sorry my picture was bad… so I didnt bother posting it).  The set comes with Miso soup, Japanese rice, unlimited cabbage with a sesame dressing and fruit.  

What was our verdict?! We really really loved it!  The pork was tender.. the breading crispy and very light (that you could still actually taste the pork).  And I really liked the unlimited cabbage.  A good friend of ours even said that the Rosu Pork Set (Pork Loin) is equally good (cheaper pa!).

Now I know why people rave about Yabu.  The only drawback is its location.  JodiesDaddy and I are not fond of going to Megamall.  So as much as I would like to visit Yabu again, I don’t think that would be anytime soon.. I wish they would open in Makati ;D

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