Strawberry with M&M’s Blizzard from Dairy Queen

I am still on house arrest because of my conjunctivitis (aka sore eyes).  The only place I have been to the past 4 days is the hospital.  I visited my doctor again today to check the state of my eye.  Call me crazy (not maybe – HA! couldn’t resist), but I want to go to work already – was hoping he could work a miracle.  Unfortunately, I still don’t have any clearance.  

I also asked my chances of being able to go to a concert tonight… and he did not recommend it.  

Imagine how disappointed I was (still am, actually).  To cheer me up, JodiesDaddy “allowed” (yes, he is monitoring my diet hahaha) me to have a Blizzard, which was available at the hospital.  It hit that spot… So I was happy for a few hours… But now that he’s off to the concert – I am back to being disappointed… oh well… *sigh*

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