Met up with one of my dearest friends and former officemates, Thea for dinner. This has been a long delayed dinner date, and we were both very thrilled when we finally finalized plans. We had been wracking our brains for restaurants, until Thea finally suggested Mango Tree at Bonifacio High Street Central. Since I’ve never eaten here before, I happily agreed.

Our appetizer:
Thai Catfish salad (Yum Pla Duk Fu) – First time I had it with cashew nuts.  Still very good!

Our Main Dishes
Spicy Seafood Green Curry – this was really spicy. And there was a generous amount of seafood which consisted of shrimp, squid and fish

PandanChicken – The chicken was very juicy and not tiny like other versions of the dish. Plus, the chicken was very juicy.

Bagoongfried rice (rice with shrimp paste)

Ripe mangoes served with sticky rice – really good! Too bad mangoes aren’t in season right now because the mangoes were quite sour

Overall, I really really loved Mango Tree. One of the best Thai restaurants in Manila (I have yet to try the one in Dusit Thani, which is allegedly the best!). Thanks again Thea, for the great suggestion :).

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