I’ve read and heard about people eating at Lugang Café.  But for some strange reason, none talked about the food, rather just mentioned that they ate there.  So when we were at MOA yesterday and passed by and decided to have an early lunch there, I really didn’t know what to expect (except that they served Chinese/Taiwanese food).

When I saw the menu, it reminded me of our favorite Shi-Lin.  And true enough the food was very similar to Shi-lin, even in presentation (now, I don’t know who came first…) But I must say, I like Shi-lin better… Or was it just because the food we ordered was nakakaumay (roughly translated:  a taste you get tired off?)? Hmmmmm
What we had:  Steamed pork and shrimp shiao mai, Taiwanese Stewed minced pork (not a fan of this) and Taiwanese crispy chicken nuggets (for Jodie, and which mommy just ate).  Not shown here is the Golden Fried rice with shredded pork and steamed pork buns.

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