Fri-Date Food Diary: House of Wagyu Stone Grill

*** We had to move our date night early this week because of our schedules.. We had this on a Thursday instead ***

JodiesDaddy suggested House of Wagyu as our restaurant of choice for this week after seeing an ad for a 40% discount on selected steaks. We have always wanted to eat at House of Wagyu (but have been dissuaded by the price of the steak–we were told it was quite expensive), so just imagine how excited we were!

We headed to the Mall of Asia branch (nearest to our workplace). However, when we got there, we were told that the steak sale was valid only in ONE of their branches (Greenhills) *sigh*. That burst our bubble immediately. But since we were already hyped, we decided to just push thru with our dinner.

What we had:

Suisse Raclette – this was served with potatoes, baby onions and something that resembled tiny pickles

Cream of mixed vegetable soup (which came with our steak) – I thought this would be fresh out of the can/sachet. But I was wrong! It was really good and in my opinon tasted very “fresh”. Sides of steamed vegetables and mashed potatoes also came with the steak (not shown).

Rancher’s Cut – 700g of bone-in rib eye (we had it split into two, and this was my share) It was VERY GOOD! It was served raw on top of a REALLY hot stone block and seared in front of you (each guest is provided with a bib) for 30 seconds on each side…
…And you will have to cook it to your preference.
I even “fried” the fat!

Despite our initial disappointment with the whole promo confusion, our overall steak experience at House of Wagyu was one of the best we’ve ever had! Yes, it was pricey but it was well worth it, plus the service was excellent too. I really hope that the MOA branch will too have a steak sale… Then again with or without a sale, I foresee JodiesDaddy and I coming back.

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