FRI-DATE Chronicles (October 12 – Part 1): Kenji Tei Ramen House

I was really looking forward to our date tonight. It wasn’t because of what we were going to eat, but rather it was my cheat night today. See, I started my saba diet this week. And Friday (or Saturday) dinner is my cheat day/meal (along with Sunday breakfast).

JodiesDaddy and I could not make up our minds where or what we wanted to eat and I was too tired to decide so I left it up to JodiesDaddy. After some contemplation, he chose Kenji Tei since he was in the mood for some ramen (too bad that Ukkokei was shut down in Makati… Because I am pretty sure we would have ended there).

It was our second time in Kenji Tei.

We shared: Spicy Salmon sashimi – it wasn’t spicy AT ALL! I liked the crispy bits of tempura batter sprinkled on top though.

JodiesDaddy had: Chio Ramen – he liked it. I tried a bit of the broth, and it was very tasty.

JodiesMommy had: Katsu Curry – The pork was a bit tough at times, but it was good curry. I was happy with my order.

Overall, it was a good dinner. Nothing mind blowing… But satisfying nonetheless.

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