My first plate from Lolo Dad’s Brasserie’s All You Can Surf and Turf.

Unlimited steak and prawns at its best! How does it work? Its pretty simple, all you have to do is:

  • Choose the meat: US Rib Eye, Tajima Wagyu Topside and a Burger steak served with Bleu Cheese 
  • Choose how to cook prawns: grilled, baked or croquette (fried) 
  • Choose the starch: potatoes, risotto, rice or pasta …

That’s IT! Eat to your stomach’s content. My first plate had a sampling of all the meats, and I concluded that I like the US Rib Eye the best (JodiesDaddy liked the Wagyu) paired with the grilled prawns. I was done by plate #2! Hahahah

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