FRI-DATE Chronicles (October 19): Oktoberfest

JodiesDaddy was given invitations for the Oktoberfest at Sofitel sponsored by San Miguel and the German club of the Philippines. This was the first time we would be attending one and since JodiesDaddy loves beer, he was really looking forward to it. I on the other had was getting excited for another reason – unlimited sausages!!!!! ;D

Being a German event, not only was beer the highlight of the evening, but various German food as well … Hence the sausages.

There were like 4-5 chaffing dishes of assorted sausages (I WAS IN SAUSAGE HEAVEN– the only thing missing was garlic rice haha), crispy pork knuckles (think crispy pata), pork schnitzel, mini hamburger patties, roast chicken and ham, bread dumplings, potatoes with onions, pretzels, cold cuts and apple strudel to name a few. The only thing I felt was missing though, was cheese — but I don’t know if cheese is part of an Oktoberfest.

JodiesDaddy and I were there promptly at 6PM and we were done by 8! We were sooooooo FULL Hahaha too full to even stay for the program and the rowdiness. So we called it a night and spent the rest of our Fri-Date with Jodie :).

P.S. I’m still burping beer hehe

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