FRI-DATE Chronicles (October 26) – Dimsum Break
(3F Annex bldg, SM North EDSA)


Our initial plan to drive to the province was postponed because of the bad weather. So JodiesDaddy and I opted to do some errands at the Araneta Center. And since we were going to be in the QC area, our restaurant of choice was Dimsum Break all the way in SM North Edsa.

Dimsum Break is from Cebu. And the Cebuano’s I know (including JodiesDaddy who spent a chunk of his childhood there) all love their Dimsum. Whether it is from Dimsum Break, Harbor City or the original Ding Qua Qua. JodiesDaddy keeps telling me nothing compares in Manila.

This was our first time to eat it here in Manila. And JodiesDaddy was immediately brought back to his childhood.

We had:
Steamed rice topped with pork (I had one order, JodiesDaddy had 2!)
Fried rice (for Jodie)
Pork and shrimp siomai
Bacon siomai
Mushroom siomai
Quail egg siomai
Fried Shrimp balls
Spring rolls
Sweet and Sour pork and
Deep fried pork ribs

Another simple yet delicious meal. All costing a little over P800.00. Not bad at all.

A little piece of Cebu coming to Manila is great. I really hope that Sunburst Chicken comes next!

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