FRI-DATE Food Diary (November 3) – Draft Gastropub and Slice

**Another long weekend (yay!!) but we didn’t have any out of town plans. So we did what we liked doing best… Pigging out 🙂 However, Friday was still our (for JodiesDaddy and I) date night**

DRAFT Gastropub

Unfortunately, nothing original for this week. We were tired from our drive from Nuvali and JodiesDaddy was craving for mussels… sooooo —- We revisited Draft (we were there a few months back, right after I recovered from my sore eye). Draft is normally our go-to place whenever we crave for mussels and draft beer.

Unlike the last time where we over ordered, we kept it simple this time.

We shared:

Angry Drunk Mussels – this is still our favorite! Mussels are big and fat and juicy and fresh…

Mozzarella nuggets – fried mozzarella cubes served with a tomato-based sauce

Sausage platter – it was made up of 3 sausages: pork and fennel sausage, bratwurst and a frankfurter

Our meal was complimented by draft beer (of course). I had a pint of Stella while JodiesDaddy had a pint of Hoegaarden and 250ml of Chimay Red.


We were done at Draft by 9PM — stomachs full and with a slight buzz from the beer. Since the night was still young, we walked across to Bonifacio High Street Central. Here I had the decadent and sinful Chocolate Yema Cupcake from Slice. Super sweet and super moist. I loved it.

Where did you spend your long weekend?

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