Fri-Date Chronicles (08 Feb 2013): Draft Gastropub… again
Re-visiting a favorite and discovering a new one

I know, I know, we’ve been to Draft countless of times. But I have to admit, sometimes we lack originality when it comes to our Fri-Dates. Sometimes, JodiesDaddy and I just want to gravitate to our favorites and reward ourselves with whats been tried and tested.

We ordered our usual Angry Drunk Mussels. Our all-time favorite. It hits the spot. Never fails. In fact this has to be the primary reason we ever go to Draft.. It’s for their mussels.

One order of mussels is usually enough for the 2 of us.. But I wanted something else… Not really an entree, but something on the side.. I was choosing between a bleu cheese salad and an onion soup. Until I settled for the chicken tenders.

Boy, was I glad that I chose this! JodiesDaddy and I proclaimed it the best chicken tenders we’ve ever had! The batter was light and crispy and the chicken meat was juicy and not tough at all. It was served with sour cream and sweet chili sauce. Not the usual honey mustard.

Now that we have a new favorite at Draft, I wouldn’t be surprised if we go back there sooner than later ;D

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