Mitsuyado Sei-men is a relatively new Japanese restaurant in the Makati area, specializing in tsukumen (a kind of Japanese noodle dish). However, besides its tsukumen, Mitsuyado is also known for its ramen (supposed to rival the current king of ramen places). This was attested by a Japanese colleague of JodiesDaddy and a foodie blogger friend of mine.

We had the chance to drop by Mitsuyado a few days ago.

I had: a Miso ramen
JodiesDaddy had: their version of the Tan Tan Men

The first thing I noticed was the broth. It had a thicker consistency (which was already adviced by the server), which was unlike any other ramen we’ve had before. And the taste (of each) was different from what we were used to. Don’t get me wrong, it was good, in a different kind of way.. At least mine was.

JodiesDaddy had such high expectations for his, that he was kind of disappointed that his tan tan men did not compare to his favorite.

I honestly still want to go back to Mitsuyado. Maybe not for their ramen, but to try their tsukumen instead. I’ve read several praises for the double cheese tsukumen. Has anyone tried it? šŸ˜€

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