Birthday celebration

FRI-DATE Chronicles (March 1): Celebrating JodiesDaddy’s Birthday

Part 1 – SERYNA
The only special request JodiesDaddy had for his birthday was to eat LUNCH at Seryna in Little Tokyo — for their Chirashi (Kaisen Gozen) lunch set.

Although Seryna is not one of the favorites of the Japanese expat JodiesDaddy has been closely working with lately, (too Filipino tasting for her), we still went here because the lunch set was value for money at P380.

I had the Tempura Gozen – as per the request of JodiesDaddy for something crispy – and we shared a spicy tuna roll.

Part 2 – NOLITA
When it came to dinner, we did not know where to go. So we asked Jodie where or what she wanted to eat and she said pizza! Since we were already at the Fort BGC area, we opted for NOLITA.

It’s only my second time in Nolita. And both cases did not disappoint.

JodiesDaddy had: Spicy Italian Sausage pizza
Jodie had: Plain Cheese pizza (which I loved btw)
I had: onion rings and Jodie’s leftovers (welcome to mommy-hood haha)

All in all, it was a simple stress free day (except for the traffic) with the continuation of the celebration throughout the weekend 🙂

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