Take the Cue

The birthday celebration of JodiesDaddy did not end on the day itself.. It lasted the whole weekend. We topped it off with a dinner date for just the 2 of us at Cue Modern Barbeque at High Street Central.

We Shared:
Appetizers – Bone Marrow steak tacos. I liked creating mini tacos with the mini tortilla, salsa and chunks of steak. I spread the marrow on top of it before wrapping up the tortilla. YUMMY!
Dessert – Caramel Bread pudding in a jar. I honestly don’t know why JodiesDaddy chose this. Don’t get me wrong, it was good… But I’m really just not fond of puddings in general. I would have preferred the banana split ;D

JodiesDaddy had: 500g of Angus Ribeye served with buttermilk mashed potatoes. He also had a black cow float.

JodiesMommy had: Bacon Slab Cue style. Since I love bacon, I absolutely loved this! It was served with onion strings and 2 dipping sauces – BBQ sauce and sour cream.

JodiesDaddy made the right decision when he chose Cue. The food kept up with our expectations and service was equally great. Definitely a good way to end the weekend of celebration.

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