Last Sunday, JodiesDaddy, Jodie and I were supposed to try out a new ramen restaurant in Glorietta. But when we got there, the line was toooooo long. And to think it was already nearing 2PM! We didn’t want to wait and opted to walk around the new Glorietta area. That’s when we chanced upon Mu Noodle Bar.

When we were looking at the menu, we couldn’t decide if it was a Japanese or Chinese restaurant. We were joking around that it had an identity crisis hahahaha.

I had: Char siu pork noodle soup with a soy base and soba noodles (they ran out of the thin noodles). It was served with alfalfa sprouts in a hot clay pot bowl. The alfalfa sprouts in soup was something new to me and I liked how the clay pot bowl kept the soup hot the whole time.

Jodie had: Beef fried rice. I don’t know if it was just me, but the beef seemed like corned beef. Not sure. It was as good as any fried rice. Jodie loved it and ate a lot.

JodiesDaddy had (not shown): Beef with tendon noodle soup, with a miso soup base and also the soba noodles. He topped it with a soft boiled egg. The miso base was good, but JodiesDaddy didn’t like the soba noodles. Didn’t go well, according to him.

So what do you think… Chinese or Japanese? Haha

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