Ramen Santouka – Hokkaido Ramen

FINALLY… I was able to eat at Ramen Santouka (Hokkaido ramen)!!

Ramen Santouka was highly recommended by JodiesDaddy’s Japanese colleague and was at he top of our must-try eats. JodiesDaddy had been here several times already, and on all occasions he LOVED what he ordered – would rave about it! He would go on and on about how the broth served in Santouka was one of the best he’s ever had, and that it was not too rich, nor was it too oily.

For my first visit, JodiesDaddy suggested I order the Santouka Set menu – which consisted of a small bowl of ramen (choice of broth: shio – salt based, miso – soy based, kara-miso – spicy bean taste), small rice topping, chawan-mushi, and a small side salad. He had one too.

JodiesDaddy had: His choice of broth was miso) and for the rice topping, pork cutlet (tonkatsu).

This was the first time JodiesDaddy was having their miso ramen. He’s tried the shio (which he is his favorite) and the kara-miso, and wanted to try out another ramen broth. Just like the other times he was there, he enjoyed this set menu.

I had: Shio ramen and fried salmon and small rice.

I wanted to try the kara-miso, but upon the prodding of JodiesDaddy, changed my order to the shio broth. Just like his observation, the shio was good. The taste of the broth was not too overpowering. It wasn’t a flavor that you will get tired off easily. The salmon however, was nothing special.

We shared: Pork gyoza

Overall it was a good ramen experience. And it was definitely value for money in my opinion. And I am almost 100% sure that we will be back to Santouka sooner than later 🙂

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