Fri-date Chronicles (March 29): Ramen Yushoken

Today is Good Friday.  Most malls, shops and restaurants have been closed since Thursday to observe Holy Week.  And a lot of families go out of town/country for the long weekend.  We did not.  Instead, we opted to stay in Manila – just to relax and veg.

A plus side of staying in Manila are the empty and traffic-free roads!  We definitely took advantage of this today and went down south to the Alabang area.  An area which we do not normally frequent — unless there is a reason too – mainly because of the traffic.  Our drive to Alabang today, only took us 15 minutes! woot woot!

Our purpose this time was to try out a ramen place that JodiesNinang went to yesterday.  She said it was open for the holy week.

We shared: an order of Gyoza.

JodiesDaddy and I agreed that this was perfect.  It wasn’t like other gyoza’s because this was a “packed” and well-stuffed gyoza!


Jodie had:Chahan (fried rice).

This came highly recommended by JodiesNinang.  And she was right… it was really so good!  Jodie loved it.. we all did.  It was very flavorful with slivers of pork (I think it WAS pork) meat.


JodiesDaddy had: Miso Tonkotso Ramen

The Miso was also flavorful — but not overpowering.  JodiesDaddy actually liked his miso more than my order of shoyu.

Although JodiesDaddy seemed satisfied with his order, he really did not like the noodles.  He found it too thick and prefered the noodles of the 2 ramen places he loves (Ukkokei and Santouko).


JodiesMommy had: Shoyu Tonkotso Ramen

The server told me this was their bestseller.  So I had to try it.  The first thing I noticed was how pretty the ramen was served!  I think it’s the prettiest one I’ve seen hehehe

The 2nd thing I noticed was the smell!  It smelled very porky.  And lo and behold, the broth was very porky hahaha.  It had a very strong and distinctive taste to it.  I liked how tender the pork was, and that it was not too oily.

(side note:  I did not know that all their broths were made of Tonkotsu – Pork bone – broth.  The pork bone is boiled for 12 hours to achieve this.)

Overall, it was a good ramen meal.  If we lived in the Alabang area I think it would be our go-to-ramen place 🙂

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  1. pai2panda says:

    your pictures are absolutely delicious, yummm~~~~ 😉

    1. JodiesMommy says:

      Super thanks!! I’m back reading your blog too! 🙂

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