A dose of Recovery

Recovery Food at BGC has intrigued me for quite sometime now. But, I haven’t really gotten around to eating here until maybe 2 weeks ago when JodiesNinang invited me to join her for dinner. Sad thing was, I already had dinner.. And was quite full. So I didn’t have a full meal.

I ordered the Barcia’s Strips. Simply put, it was deep fried thinly cut pork strips. It was served with some vinegar. This would have been perfect with garlic rice hahahaha

JodiesNinang on the other hand had a bowl of Rau Men. I believe this is their version of a ramen. The broth was a peanut based broth. JodiesNinang normally likes this, but she said that night it wasn’t like she knows it to be.

My visit to Recovery Food was bitin. Can’t really say if I liked the place or not. One thing is for sure though… JodiesDaddy and I will be back, and I will make sure we will go there with empty stomachs.

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