FRI-Date Chronicles (April 12): Burger Bar

Mid-afternoon of April 12, I received a text from JodiesDaddy saying that he was starting to get tired of ramen (we’ve been eating ramen at least ONCE a week haha) and that he wanted to try something different for this weeks Fri-Date. How about Burger Bar at Greenbelt?!

I didn’t have to think twice and agreed since I have been wanting to eat here since last year.

One thing that I like about Burger Bar was they offered 4 different varieties of patties.

The Beef Bomb – combination of Chuck and Short Rib
The Steak Cut – combination of Sirloin and Chuck
The Big Game – combination of Hanger and Brisket
House Blend – straightforward/secret mix

In other burger joints, you usually can pick only what toppings to put on the burger, so this was something new to me.

We both chose the You’re The Boss so we could customize our burgers and went the Go Lunch Box to add skinny fries and a soda

JodiesDaddy had:
A single patty of The Steak Cut with all standard toppings (tomatoes, onions, lettuce, pickles, ketchup, mustard and mayo) on a brioche bun. He also added gorgonzola and crispy onion rings to it.

I had:
A single patty of The House Blend with all standard toppings and asked my Brioche bread be served on the side. I also added gorgonzola to mine.

The patties were really good – not bland at all. Flavor was not too strong either. The gorgonzola was a nice addition.

Our only comment was that the patties were smaller than what we expected. The waiter said the patties were a quarter pound each, but since it was cooked well done, they looked smaller (they did not ask us how we wanted our burgers done, btw… so I am assuming well done is the norm). Oh well.

Although we were very happy with what we ate, we weren’t completely satisfied — because we did not leave with full stomachs hahaha next time we should order a double patty each, instead. And maybe add more sides :).

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