FRI-Date Chronicles (April 19, 2013): Shrimp Bucket

FRI-Date Chronicles (April 19, 2013): Shrimp Bucket

JodiesDaddy and I met up with one of my dearest friends, Thea for dinner this Friday. Thea and I had been planning this for months now, but with our busy schedules and with her being a Libis girl and me a Makati girl it didn’t materialize until today.

Thei suggested Shrimp Bucket at the Fort. She hadn’t eaten here yet, but it came highly recommended by one of her friends.

We all shared:

Deep Fried Baby Squid – the squid was a little tough for my taste, but it was still delicious

Mussels cooked the Mardi Gras way – I liked the way the mussels were cooked.. Their Mardi Gras style meant cooking the mussels with garlic and chorizo. The chorizo had a spice to it. I really liked it!

Frenchy Lemon Pepper shrimps – nothing mind blowing, to be honest. Reminds me of the shrimp you eat at Dampa/Seaside.


Salty Eggsperience Shrimps – this was the BOMB! I loved this soooo much I wanted to lick off the plastic bag the shrimps were served in. The sauce was basically a concoction of salted egg yolks and butter (if I’m not mistaken). Best devoured with steamed rice!!

The shrimps and mussels were served in plastic bags (and not in buckets) and right before serving, they shake this to ensure that the sauce is spread out evenly on each shrimp/mussel. The bucket is there to put in the shells.

We also ordered (**not shown**):
Pan fried fish with soy ginger sauce – we all agreed we didn’t like this

For our sides:
Popeye Greens (aka spinach) in lemon and garlic – JodiesDaddy liked it
Buttered Corn
Fries and of course, rice.

For our drinks:
JodiesDaddy had Pale Pilsen
And Thea and I shared a carafe of sangria

Overall, it was a good night out with Thea. We shared not only a lot of food but a lot of stories. And up to now, I cannot forget the Salty Eggsperience shrimps. Yes, it was that good!

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