Fri-Date Chronicles (April 26): Hippopotamus, Charles de Gaulle Airport

It was our last night in Paris. My colleague and I wanted to go to the city but it started to rain and temperature dropped by 10 degrees.. So we opted to just have a “good” meal around the airport.

We chanced upon Hippopotamus in terminal 2B of CDG, where they served burgers, steaks and BBQ. They had a set menu called the Hippo Trio. This included a choice of drinks, starters, an entree and dessert.

We both had:

Complimentary bread – it was too tough… And no butter was served hahaha
And I chose Pepsi Max as my drink.

Starters: fried Vietnamese spring rolls. It had a different French name.. But sorry, I forgot to take it down. I liked it. The sauce that came with it was nice and spicy.

Entree: Hippo steak (180 grams) served with fries. We asked for a medium steak, but some parts were well-done. It could’ve been better, but I really didn’t mind.

Dessert: 2 scoops of Ben and Jerry’s. I chose cookie dough and chocolate brownie. YUM! Forget the 5 degree temperature outside, its Ben and Jerry’s hahaha

The food wasn’t a mind-blowing experience, but it beat having to eat in McDonalds again. What made it great though was the stories shared through out the meal. I wouldn’t ask for more. It was definitely a superb last supper in Paris.

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