Fri-Date Chronicles (May 3): Mom & Tina’s Bakery and Cafe

It was a day off for meyesterday to do some school errands for Jodie. While waiting for JodiesDaddy to finish some last minute work, I had breakfast date with myself 🙂

It was a choice between McDonalds and Pancake House until I remembered there was a Mom & Tina’s around the corner. This was only my 2nd time at Mom & Tina’s. I asked the waiter, between the tapa (cured beef) or tocino (sweet marinated pork) whichwas more popular and without batting an eyelash, he said the Tapa! And that’s what I had.

I made the right decision. It was one of the best tapas I had. It was crispy but not tough. And the flavor of the tapa reminded me of how my lola would cook it when I was a kid. YUM! Comfort food at its best.

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