HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all mommies out there and to your mommies too!!

This year, we had lunch with my family at our home in QC. I asked my mom what she wanted and all she was craving for was Ilocos (a province up north) empanada. We fixed our menu around the empanadas.

For starters we had a deconstructed blue cheese coleslaw. I was in charge of this one, and as per the request of my mom, I made sure there was no mayonnaise. The blue cheese dressing was done from scratch ;D

Then the Ilocos empanadas – with no egg (YAY)! This was the first time I tried the one from Fariñas and it was really good! I liked their bean sprouts, and the Longganisa was delicious.

We also ordered bagnet from Fariñas to keep up with the Ilocos theme. It was heart-stopping-ly good!! I’m salivating just thinking of it haha. We had some plain rice for the bagnet.

For dessert, my mom bought some vanilla frozen yogurt and we had strawberries, canned peaches and some mango mochi as toppings.

It was a fun, stress-free lunch. Food was good and conversation and stories shared made the whole lunch unforgettable.

And to cap it all off, we had a game of Monopoly Deal – and my mom won!

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