The first time JodiesDaddy and I went to Mitsuyado Sei-men, we weren’t blown away.  We had both ordered ramen’s then but it was not their specialty. Don’t get me wrong, the ramen was good, but just not what we were used to.  Their Tsukumen is what they are more known for.

Since then, I’ve been wanting to go back just to try their Double Cheese Tsukumen which I’ve read so much about.  So that’s what I did when I finally convinced JodiesDaddy that we should give it another shot.

So what did I think of it?  Let me break it down… The noodles had a great consistency – al dente.  The cheese sauce reminded me of Cheez Whiz.  And the accompanying dipping sauce was thick, savory and very flavorful.  How to eat it?  Pour the cheese sauce over the noodles, dip in a portion in the sauce and slurp haha.  

To be honest, I found the combination of all the flavors a little too overpowering.  Too rich for my taste.  Was it because I poured all the cheese sauce (but that’s what was recommended)?  Maybe.  Because when I had JodiesDaddy taste it, he really LOVED the broth (BUT he did NOT like the cheese on the noodles).  And I think it will be this special Tsukumen broth that will drive us back to Mitsuyado.

To those who have tried the Double Cheese Tsukumen, I go back to my question on my first post, what did you think of it?

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