RAMENiscing: Wrong Ramen

WARNING:  another Ramen post.

On our way home from work one evening, JodiesDaddy and I were craving ramen (what’s new! haha).  We were already nearing BGC when we made our impromptu decision, and did not know if there were any good ramen places there.  Thanks to Google though, Wrong Ramen in Burgos Circle was recommended as the best ramen restaurant in the area (JodiesDaddy also remembered one of our friends mentioning this before).

Unlike other Ramen restaurants, Wrong Ramen, not only serves traditional Japanese ramen but also their own ramen versions.  They even have something called the F.U. Ramen (“Your breakfast in liquid form:  Black pepper spam, strips of bacon, cheese and a crispy fried egg in a pepper and garlic broth”) – I almost ordered this, and will do next time.  Even their sides are different: from crispy fried egg to bacon strips! 

** (descriptions from their menu)**
JodiesDaddy had: Wrong Ramen Tantanmen (bottom right photo)
Someone’s gonna ask for this anyway:  A bold, nutty sesame broth with a mild spicy kick served with ground pork and shredded chashu
JodiesMommy had:  Wrong Ramen Rich Tonkotsu (bottom left photo)
If you will only eat here once: a deep-tasting, milky, lip-smacking pork bone and chicken broth. Served with sliced chashu.
We loved the ramen.  Not sure if the flavors are “Filipinized”  but it was still delicious.
We shared: 
Wrong Ramen XO sauce 
Dehydrated chicken skin, shrimp and pork in home-made chili oil.  Great with ramen
and it was!!!  I honestly felt that this would even be a good viand with rice haha
Tofu Kushikatsu – which was basically tofu in bread crumbs.
Wrong Ramen was a good ramen choice for JodiesDaddy and I.  There was nothing wrong at all with our ramen experience (except maybe that they were out of beer! haha).
TIP:  come there early.. The restaurant is quite small and can get quite crowded during peak hours

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