Fri-Date Chronicles (May 31): Market Cafe at Hyatt

I consider myself lucky to have been invited to Market Cafe at the Hyatt for my first ever bloggers event. JodiesDaddy and I have read so much about the food outlets of Hyatt. And we have been wanting to go, but haven’t, primarily because of its location (we find Hyatt’s location a bit too crowded haha). So this was a perfect excuse! ;D

Hotel buffets: While some people don’t like it, JodiesDaddy and I like splurging ourselves once in awhile and getting lost in the sea of choices it can offer. We had our fair share of it, and saw the improvement of some and the deterioration of others.

Market Cafe had the usual selection of breads, cheeses, appetizers, salamis; The Chinese, Japanese, grilling and pasta stations. Which are very typical of hotel buffets.

They also had a dessert station of fruits, cakes, pastries and homemade ice cream. And their guava iced tea… Simply put was the WINNER (although this was not part of the buffet).

The spread of Market Cafe is not as vast as the other hotels. But what sets them apart is their select choice of the freshest market catch which you can have cooked anyway you liked.

The generous servings of lobster and rib eye alone, made the whole buffet worth it. Definitely value for money, in our opinion.

Event or no event, I can safely say that JodiesDaddy and I will be back if we need to satisfy a hotel buffet craving. I just hope that they will lobsters then!! Hahahaha

What is your favorite hotel buffet?

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