Another take on Lolo Dad’s Surf and Turf

About a week ago JodiesDaddy started craving for steak again. We were running through our list of favorite steak places, and could not decide where to go to. And then JodiesDaddy remembered the All-You-Can-Eat Surf and Turf promotion of Lolo Dad’s. Something we had tried before, but he was not able to enjoy because apparently he had an upset stomach then.

Luckily they still had it. Unlike before where there was a choice of 3 kinds of beef, now it was only angus rib eye (not complaining). Before too, you could choose how you wanted the prawns done. This time they only offered grilled (again, not complaining). The surf and turf also came with your choice of starch: rice (steamed or garlic), risotto, pasta or potatoes (mashed, baked or french fries).

I had a total of 2 servings.. JodiesDaddy had 3! Haha

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