The Goose Station = Degustation

The Goose Station.

It is one restaurant that has been highly recommended by several friends of ours. But we didn’t really put it in high priority because it IS on the pricey side. So when I got an email alert from Deal Grocer offering a 40% discount for an 8-course degustation dinner, I did not think twice and booked it right away for JodiesDaddy and myself.

There was a separate menu for those that got the Deal Grocer vouchers. I was not able to compare it beforehand from their regular menu and see the difference. But it all seemed promising.
The first phase
The Foie Gras Cone – because of the light phyllo dough
Egg and Sweet Potato – this was absoultely DELICIOUS!!! I dont like runny egg yolks, so I really went out of my comfort zone to try it. No regrets. It was creamy and went well with the smoked bacon bits, the sweet potato gnocchi and goat cheese.
The first phase ended with a very refreshing palate cleanser
The Second Phase
Scallops and Carrots – the scallops were cooked to perfection. And I liked the different presentation of the carrots
Foie Gras Taho – this is one of the best dishes I’ve ever had! It was literally mouthwatering. I really loved it.
TGS Burger – an excellent burger patty in between yummy brioche bread.

I thought I would not get full since it was small servings of each dish, but JodiesDaddy and I were stuffed! It was an excellent meal. And what made me appreciate it more was the great care put into preparing each course: the attention to detail; the painstaking effort. No wonder its an expensive dinner haha But to be honest, I wouldn’t mind paying full the next time around šŸ™‚

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