Fri-Date Chronicles (June 14): Zubuchon and a wedding souvenir from Cebu

JodiesDaddy went to Cebu for a day to attend the wedding of his cousin. And the only thing I asked him to bring home for me was Zubuchon from the airport.

And we reserved it for our Fri-date dinner. Yum!

The lechon was definitely tastier than lechon from Manila or Luzon. But since it was already frozen and we just reheated it, it was nothing like freshly cooked Cebu or CDO lechon.

JodiesDaddy and I then shared a red velvet served in a small jar (smaller than Gerber baby food). This was made by his cousins and it was really sooooooo good!!! Very moist and sweet just how I like it 🙂

It was a simple dinner date for me and JodiesDaddy… At home with Jodie singing in the background ;D

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