I don’t know if someone already told you/you figured it out; the sandwich is boar meat with a tuna mayo. Sounds and looks delicious! By the way, I don’t know if you’re still in the Netherlands but you should definitely try raw herring. It’s so good! I just get onions with mine (no pickles, bread or anything) and they’ll probably cut it in pieces or ask you if you want it cut: do that because the sliding the whole herring in your throat thing is just a bother. It’s tradition but not worth it imo.

Heeeeyyy!! Super thanks for translating what the sandwich was for me 🙂 no one had hahaha it’s a relief to find out its boar and not something strange.. We have left the Netherlands already. Very short trip. Sad. But I will try the raw herring (or at least try to) next time I’m there. Would you know if it tastes like rollmops? Because I have a bottle here at home 🙂

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