Week-date Chronicles and RAMENiscing: Wrong Ramen

I’m renaming our date night chronicles, since it has no longer been consistently on a Friday.

The past week, we went to Wrong Ramen (..again. Our third time there already). But what I ate was a first for me.

We Had:
Bacon and Cheese katsu– I was craving for something crispy to contrast my ramen. This dish exceeded all (if any) expectations. JodiesDaddy and I really really loved it. Another reason for me to go back to Wrong Ramen.

Tantanmen– it came very close to our favorite. And we loved it just the same. PLUS, it was not too oily and not too spicy (JodiesDaddy appreciated the less spice, because he already has signs of gurd).

If we were to rank our favorite ramen places, Wrong Ramen is definitely one of the top 3.

One Comment Add yours

  1. fizzywoohoo says:

    when i look at the title akala ko you didn’t like it kasi it was the “wrong ramen” haha

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