RAMENiscing: Kitchitora Tokyo

With all the ramen places sprouting in the city, sometimes its hard to distinguish what sets one ramen franchise apart from the others. And so far Kitchitora in Megamall is different from the other ramen places JodiesDaddy and I have been to. Why? Because they’re known for their chicken broth (Paitan) and not the usual pork tonkotsu (although they do still serve this).

JodiesDaddy had: Hokkaido Miso Ramen
It was a mix of their clear and paitan broths. It was a very rich sauce. And the chicken broth was not too prominent. It was satisfying.

I had: Paitan Ramen Zenbu no Se
I have to be honest, I didn’t like it much. I guess I’m just not used to the chicken base as a broth for ramen. Maybe it’s an acquired taste for me… I don’t know. I’m still glad I tried it though, at least I tried something different 🙂

Jodie Had: Chicken Karaage Rice
I think I loved this the most from Kitchitora! The chicken was so juicy and it was simply so flavourful and delicious. If there is a reason for me to go back to Kitchatora, it would be for their Karaage.

Kitchitora may not be one of our favorite spots, but is definitely worth a try and is worth the trek to Megamall. To those who have been, what do you think of the Paitan broth?

P.S. Finally came up with a ramen title.. Next, I will convince JodiesDaddy to write :). Baby steps.

P.P.S. updated my Ramen title to :RAMENiscing… Thanks RedBlackApron!! 🙂

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