Week-date Chronicles and RAMENiscing: UMU

I attended a seminar at Dusit yesterday (very, very inspiring mind you). As I was walking to the restroom one of their posters for Umu — their Japanese outlet — caught my eye. It was called Ramen Rush and for the whole month of July they’re offering their Miso and Shoyu ramen for only P500/net! For a hotel, that was pretty reasonable since we normally spend about P390 for a good bowl of ramen.

So, this turned out to be our impromptu Week-date.

JodiesDaddy and I both had the Miso Ramen. The difference with the Shoyu as explained by the server was Miso was served with pork and Shoyu, beef.

We were honestly disappointed with the ramen 😦 It wasn’t what we expected or liked in a ramen. Didn’t taste like the miso ramen we were used to. However, Umu’s sushi was the bomb! We really enjoyed the spicy tuna sushi we ordered.

For a weekday, there were quite a few diners in Umu. And we actually did not see anyone having the ramen hehehe. It made us conclude that maybe Umu’s specialty is NOT ramen. It would be unfair to judge their food just on the ramen. So we are not ruling our Umu just yet 🙂

P.S. Service was excellent!!

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