Fri-DATE Chronicles (July 26): Cyma

JodiesDaddy and I had no intentions of eating out yesterday since we already had our weekDATE earlier this week. However, it started raining really really hard after work and traffic was horrible (as expected). To kill time we decided to indulge and treat ourself to dinner at one of our all-time favorite restaurants, Cyma.

I can’t remember the last time we were in Cyma. And it was good to revisit and have our ORIGINAL favorites for dinner.

Saganaki – Original Cyma flaming mozzarella and parmesan cheese. Opa!!!

Baby Clams and Angel Hair pasta – this is JodiesDaddy’s favorite. He can slurp away on the baby clams and finish the whole platter of pasta all by himself even if it IS to share

Paidakia – these grilled lamb ribs was the dish that made me appreciate lamb.

After all these years, Cyma still satisfies our stomachs. I can’t really say if “it’s not as good as it was before.” Because to us last night, the food we ordered had the same flavors that we had come to love 🙂

(SIDE NOTE: We were first introduced to Cyma in Boracay (they had no branches in Manila yet) way back in 2005 – while we were preparing for our wedding. When they opened in Manila we were more than elated – and since then, Cyma always had a special place in our dining-out hearts :D)

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