Thanks to a Metrodeal voucher, JodiesDaddy and I found ourselves in Highlands Steakhouse after more than a year of being absent.

(SIDE NOTE: To be honest, I only subscribe to one online-discount website — which is not Metrodeal — so I only heard that they were selling P1000 vouchers for half the price for Highlands Steakhouse thru a friend. I thought I was too late but lucky for me they still had the deal going.

JodiesDaddy and I always rave about Highlands Steakhouse to our friends. And when one of them mentioned to us recently that they didn’t enjoy the steak, we were baffled. Because we have always loved it there.

This recent trip confirmed what our friend told us.

When I took my first bite of the steak, I immediately tasted the char-grilled flavor I long for in a steak. However, as I continued to chew, there was an aftertaste that I could not quite pinpoint. It wasn’t sour or anything like that.. it was just very different and something I didn’t like. I smelled the meat, and it had no foul smell. So I continued. I kept it to myself at first until I told JodiesDaddy my observation… And he thought the same!

We ended up finishing our steaks. But we left feeling a wee bit disappointed. *sigh* I really hope that this last visit was a fluke because we’re not ruling out Highlands Steakhouse from our list of favorite steak places just yet 🙂

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