Cray Cray over Cro Cro v1.1

The CRONUT craze has hit Manila… Big time!

Different local bakeries and café’s are coming up with their own version AND names to this ½ croissant – ½ doughtnut creation of Chef Dominique Ansel (since the term cronut is actually trademarked). If I’m not mistaken, Wildflour Café + Bakery came up with their own version first (please correct me if I’m wrong). And the others joined the bandwagon.

(SIDE NOTE: I’ve been WANTING to go to Wildflour, but JodiesDaddy is not really that keen into trying it out… Soooo our visit has been put on hold.)

Two relatively new players into this craze are Café France (with their French Donut) and Krispy Kreme (they call theirs Baked Krispy Kroissant). I indulged and treated myself over the weekend.

My Verdict:
Café France gets a check mark for having that croissant feel to their French Donut. It was flaky and light but VERY oily! I can’t really say if it was buttery-oily but it was a bit overwhelming. I also really liked the salted caramel flavor they offered.

Krispy Kreme on the other hand… well… They should just stick to their glazed doughnuts. Sorry, but it didn’t get the croissant vibe in their Baked Krispy Kroissant.

To be honest, I don’t know if I will bend over backwards to try the other versions… We’ll see..

What are your “cronut” experiences/verdicts?

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