JodiesDaddy and I have a weakness for hotel buffets. But since it is quite pricey, we have limited our visits (compared to a few years back when we would really splurge for no reason at all tsk tsk tsk). Luckily for us, there is an online discount outfit that offers discounted vouchers for Xin Tian Di’s (in Crowne Plaza) Dim Sum bufftet. So whenever I receive an alert that they are offering it again, I make sure I take advantage of the deal and get us some coupons. What’s good about this coupon, Jodie can still eat for free – which is important to us so that we can take her with us – and is valid even on public holiday!

So, that’s what we did for one of August’s public holidays.

This was some of the dimsum we had – I was not able to take pictures of all the dishes – and among our favorites were the squid, asado bun and fried ha kao (not shown).

If you ask me, I personally like the dim sum of Shang Palace better hehehe HOWEVER, Xin Tian Di is value for money and their dim sum is quite good too, making it a good alternative to Shang Palace.

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