RAMENiscing: UCC Park Café

Whenever JodiesDaddy and I would research for other good ramen places to visit in Metro Manila, UCC Park Café in Petron (along EDSA) would pop up quite frequently. Although our curiosity was piqued, we never really went out of our way to check it out. That is, until one Saturday when we found ourselves at the corner of said gas station. We were supposed to go to Ukkokei, but decided last minute to detour and try out UCC’s ramen.

What I think sets UCC apart is that they offer 2 kinds of soup broth: Pork Bone Soup or Chicken Bone Soup.. And then you choose your flavor: Shio, Shoyu, Miso or the Tan Tan Men.

JodiesDaddy and I had our usual Tan Tan men. Our verdict, it was good. We liked it! And we were happy that our detour turned out to be a good decision after all.

SIDE NOTE: We were quite apprehensive at first when we remembered this was a sister company of Mitsuyado. Although we love their tsukumen, we are not really fans of their. Good thing this was different hehe

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