What I ate in Hong Kong

I had 2 breakfasts in Hong Kong and on both days, my plates looked more or less the same. I had lots and lots and LOTS of bacon. And this was the only time I was able to eat Dimsum! Hahaha FAIL!

Lunch was sponsored by the office. And our colleagues booked us Spanish at Viva Ana! Hahaha
I got the set lunch (choose your own appetizer and main course from a selection), in which I chose a Chorizo salad for my appetizer and a tapas platter for my main course. It also came with a slice of a chocolate/orange mousse for dessert.

For both dinners I had in Hong Kong, it was a treat by good friends of my boss (who I was traveling with). It was a poultry (duck and goose) and seafood fest! However, still no dimsum hahaha

Serenade Chinese Restaurant
Our hosts chose this because it had a view of Hong Kong island where the light and sound show was. Unfortunately, that evening, the show did not come on 😦

Anyway, Dinner was still excellent! The highlights for this lauriat for me:

  • Peking Duck – I ate so much of this — especially the skin! It was so, so, so good!
  • Abalone – mainly because it was the first time I had this pricey dish. I liked it. Reminded me of a scallop/mussel
  • Scallops – it was a new way of eating scallops for me, because the scallops were sliced! I thought it was pasta/noodles the first time I saw it.


Very Good Restaurant
Another lauriat! YAY! But still no dimsum haha. This was the special request of my boss. She wanted to eat goose. So we ate there.


  • Steamed Garlic Prawns – YUM-MEH!! I normally don’t like eating with my hands when I am at a restaurant, but what the heck! haha It had a simple taste to it, but it was still sooooo delicious. The prawns were really fresh too 🙂
  • Goose – if I didn’t know it was goose, it could have passed for a duck for me. The skin was the winner in this dish (I didn’t like the meat too much). It had a special sauce that was tangy – like a sweet and sour sauce, but not quite
  • Steamed Rice – it reminded me of Le Chings steamed rice hahahaha it came with a sweet soy sauce and steamed pork ribs and chicken feet (I only had the pork).
  • Crabs – served on a bed of egg whites. First time to eat crabs cooked this way. I wasn’t blown away. Again, not a fan of getting my hands dirty in public… but sometimes, I do hahaha


This is a frozen MOON CAKE! We saw this at the airport on our way home and it intrigued me and my boss. We decided share a pack. There were so many flavors to choose from, but we go the cream cheese and coffee flavor. I did not taste the cream cheese, but I did taste the coffee. It reminded me of a frozen mochi.

My food experience in Hong Kong was a good one. Compared to my other trips, I actually ate quite less (frequency), but I ate so much (quantity).

I know Hong Kong has more to offer in terms of its cuisine. And I really want to go back to try more of Cantonese fare. Ihope I can return sooner than later. What are your favorite places to eat at in Hong Kong?

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