Date-night Chronicles: Schmidt’s Gourmet Hotdogs at Cucina Andare

When JodiesDaddy picked me up after a night out with officemates, he suggested we go the “food trucks near Shangri-La” which he saw when he had dropped off a guest there (at Shangri-La) earlier. He was amazed, because according to him he saw like “10 food trucks!” Since I had read about Cucina Andare before and have wanted to try it, I instantly agreed.

When we got there, I was a bit disappointed though because there were more food stalls than food trucks! There were only 4 food trucks that night. So much for the 10 food trucks he was raving about hahahaha.

The food stalls were more or less the same as the other night markets of the Mercato Centrale group. So we tried to look for something that kinda stood out (Unfortunately, I was too full to try the cheese steak food truck). We finally chose Schmidt’s Gourmet Hotdogs.

I had: the Wagamama – it had Japanese curry, shredded nori, Japanese mayo and Coleslaw. I got this for the nori haha
JodiesDaddy had: Coney Island Chili Dog – this had homemade chili, cheese, jalapeños, onion relish and sour cream.

Both our dogs were very good and messy (not complaining haha) to eat. It was not your average hotdog on a bun because of all the toppings it had and overall, a very satisfying midnight snack.

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