RAMENiscing (Sept 14): Ramen Yushoken

The last time we were at Yushoken was Good Friday this year.

Even though we loved it, we hadn’t gone back until last week (thanks to paper-fortune’s weekly Yushoken adventures haha). Why only now?! Because it’s so far!! Hahahahaha

Last Saturday, we braved the heavy downpour and headed to Alabang for another round at Ramen Yushoken.

Jodie still had her chahan and we had the gyoza again.


However, JodiesDaddy and I tried something different this time around.

I had: Tantanmen
It wasn’t as nutty as the one of Ukkokei but it was equally good! I liked this more than their Shoyu Tonkotsu which I had on our first visit

JodiesDaddy had: Karai Tokusei Tsukumen
He LOVED this. I tried it too, and I loved the flavor of the broth. It was just soooooooo spicy! Hahahaha. I think JodiesDaddy must have finished the napkins on our table hahaha

Kat was right, Ramen Yushoken is so worth the trip down south. We left very satisfied and craving for more. I hope we can come back sooner than later ;D

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