Sunday with my siblings at Mr. Kabab

Last Sunday, my siblings and I went out for lunch at Mr. Kabab sans our parents (dada had a lunch with friends and mama is out of the country). We grew up eating midnight snacks at Mr. Kabab. The first Mr. Kabab was located just outside our village.

We had the “usual” Mr. Kabab classics of:

Shawarma Plate

Special Chelo Kabab


and Upside Down Rice

We also tried something new:
Kabab Pizza


It was a great lunch with family. Conversation was light and fun, and food was comfort food at its best.

SIDE NOTE: I love my siblings. The age gap between each pregnancy of my mom was 8 years. So that makes me and JodiesNinang a good 16 years older than our youngest sister.

We’re close-knit (in a dysfunctional kind of way) but we’re definitely NOT touchy-feely (except for our youngest). We agree to disagree. But if there is one thing that binds us together, it’s food – especially BACON! Hahahahaha

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